Purchases made here support our local farmers.

Thank you for supporting our local farms. We are working to provide healthier, more nutritious products which is reflected in the way we manage our animals in a natural setting. We are just a phone call or email away so you are able to speak directly with the people who are responsible for the nutritious meats you consume. Know where your food comes from, you and your family will be healthier for it. We look forward to connecting with you!

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Why should you buy local?

You support your communities!

Buying local helps us all support our neighbors and work together towards a healthier lifestyle and environment.

You know that the animals were raised naturally and humanely.

Our animals are raised naturally and are free to roam the farmland their entire lives. We believe that animals raised in this way create the most nutritious meat.

You get the best quality meats!

Not imported or filled with chemicals. Just pure local, fresh cut meats!

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