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  • Buying local helps us all support our neighbors and work together towards a healthier lifestyle and environment.

  • Our animals are raised naturally and are free to roam the farmland their entire lives. We believe that animals raised in this way create the most nutritious meat.

  • Not imported or filled with chemicals. Just pure local, fresh cut meats!

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Healthy Harvest Farms

We offer ethically sourced, premium meats from animals raised in humane, antibiotic-free environments. Our 100% grass-fed meats come with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring both quality and ethical standards in every bite.

  • Jason Eheler

    We made delicious meat balls with the ground lamb. They were amazing!

  • Lorne Crystal

    The meats and eggs from this farm are by far the best we've ever eaten. The owner even gave us some sample tastes of his own cooking. Now if his culinary skills could come home with the meat, we'd have perfected our kitchen!

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