Tremblay Countryside Farms

Tremblay Countryside Farms is an agricultural farm that specializes in locally, grass-fed, and free-range meats. Owned and operated by John Tremblay. You can find all sorts of free ranged and grass-fed animals such as Goats, Chickens, and much more under the watchful eye of the guard Llamas! The greenhouse is under construction and should be completed and running by the end of summer. 

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Graze Meat Co.

Graze Meat Co is a grass based farm located on Lake Manitoba dedicated to sustainably producing high quality, naturally raised, 100% grass fed beef, free range pastured pork, free range pastured chicken, turkeys, geese and eggs for discriminating, health conscious Manitobans. We make every effort to ensure our animals are living their lives the way they’ve evolved to live, encouraging them to fully express their natural instincts. This promotes a stress free, high quality of life for our livestock, which in turn allows us to ethically produce a healthy, nutrient dense, superior product for you and your family

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